Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dilemma - Translation - in Defunct Magazine

My translation of the celebrated Tamil writer A, Muthulingam's story Dilemma has been accepted and out now in Defunct magazine.
From 2010 to 2013 Defunct published eight issues of flash essays about defunct things out of Iowa City, Iowa, run by the students in the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. The journal went on hiatus for eight years, and is now out of Brooklyn, run by the students in Long Island University’s MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Program. 
Defunct is a celebration of what is over, & what isn’t yet. We’re mourning. We’re functioning. Let’s show the world what we want & need through what we’ve lost.

Swaing, Flowing - Short story in Spillwords Press

My story "Swaying, Flowing" has been accepted and is now out in Spillwords Press. Thank you Spillwords and Dagmara. It's a 28-minute read, folks!

Gautam remained silent, hesitant as to whether the words he would utter might reveal his uncertainty about the place he’d arrived. “How many days have you been practicing?” said the man opposite him.
“For two years… Only intermittent practices. Sometimes, there was even a break of three months. But in spite of my regular stints at the practice, I wasn’t able to enjoy its benefits.”
“What do you expect as benefits?”
“I certainly didn’t get into meditation expecting supernatural powers. I’ve got no desire in attaining them. My mind refuses to be under control. It wanders restlessly all the time. Holding its tail, I too am wandering behind it. I hoped I could focus my mind through meditation.”

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Karma - Short Story in Impspired magazine

My story "Karma" has been accepted and out now in the Impspired magazine. This is my third straight story in English. Thank you editor Steve Cawte for considering this piece.
Impspired is a UK based print and online magazine. Their online issues come out monthly and the print version is released every two months. A print version of this story will appear in their issue 9.

Peter felt that there was something amiss in his lawnmower. Initially, it kept struggling for every ten feet and now it was difficult even to push the machine. He turned it upside down and thoroughly inspected the bottom but couldn’t find anything fishy. The clippings stuck on the bottom effused a sweet, sharp smell. He especially liked the fragrance of the fresh-cut grass, one of the reasons for his being perfectly regular at this task.  But at that moment, lawn mowing was proving to be highly arduous.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Prrasantu - Translation - Piker press

My translation of the acclaimed writer Jeyamohan's short story Prrasantu has been accepted and is out now in the Piker Press literary magazine.

What if mercy is more powerful than punishment?


"Man! Had I had your dexterity, I would've dragged that fellow Appasami into the court case. He would've been convicted. I would have retired with honor," said Siromani. "But it didn't occur to me to drag him into the case. I wouldn't have had the courage even if it did."

"But you need prrasantu for that, right?" said the young man.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

An Untold Story - Flash Fiction Published in Spillwords

My Flash fiction An Untold Story is published in Spillwords magazine. Thank you Spillwords.

written by: Jegadeesh Kumar

Stuck in the shrubs of memory was a story that hadn’t been told for ages. Rummaging through the shrubs, a man who aspired to be a storyteller was foraging for the story. Its strands got tangled in his hands while he struggled to get hold of the tip of the story. After trying mightily to recover it in its fullest form, he severed it from the shackles of memory and walked carrying the remnants of the story as a bundle. The path that had been traveled by innumerable before him was only deserted now. He was exceedingly roused by the prospect of the journey though no one accompanied him, no one to guide him through. He kept walking with a chimera that he’d somehow be able to stumble upon someone who’d help him unravel the story from its entanglement.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ocean's Nearby - Translation

My translation of the writer Jeyamohan's short story Ocean's Nearby has been published in the Impspired magazine.
Impspired comes out once in every two months as an online magazine from the U.K. A print issue is also published three times a year. This story will appear in its next print version as well.

Ocean’s nearby

He was lying inside that large house, which had always been dark so one could never see dawn or dusk, on a straw mat propped up on a century-old wooden cot. He’d piled up books on the cot, which was large enough for four or five people to comfortably lie and roll. The books were scattered throughout, leaving space only for him to lie down, and were full of dust.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Over The Fire - Translation

My translation of writer Jeyamohan's short story is out now Spillwords Press Literary magazine.


written by: B. Jeyamohan


translated by: Jegadeesh Kumar



Millions of years ago, the earth split open like an eyelid, beneath a dark, frozen sea. Lava erupted from it like a giant tower of fire. The sea around it was eternally turbulent while steam rose and stood on it like silver strands.
Steam continued to pour down on the erupting lava. The lava cooled down and closed the rift and the eye went into a deep slumber. As the lava cooled down entirely, it turned into black soil. Then birds came to disperse seeds and microorganisms. Then came the man. He turned the place into a town.

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