Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Fall - Translation in Defunct Magazine

Appadurai Muttulingamayya's beautiful story in my translation out now in Defunct magazine. This magazine, formerly an Iowa University's brain child, now comes out from the Long Island University's creative writing department. This is my second appearance in the magazine. Thank you editors!


Spill words Press interviewed with some interesting questions. It was a good opportunity to ponder about my inner processes as writer.

It irritates me, especially in writing, when people only preach and do not practice. I take great care not to inflate my ego through my writing. Writing should be used to self-explore, not to paint large-scale fake depictions of your ugly self. When I find living writers who claim to be messiahs caught red handed in their dishonorable act, I cringe. I constantly check myself to see if I am able to reflect my true self in what I write or if I am attempting to elevate myself simply because I am endowed with the ability to mindlessly type innumerable letters on the keyboard.

Rope Snake - A translation

Writer Jeyamohan's Tamil short story "Kayitraravu" has been published in Spillwords Press magazine as Rope Snake on March 22, 2023.

It was evening time in the month of May. In the enormous courtyard of the Nagercoil Club sat Captain Benny Anderson and Lieutenant Brian Potts in iron chairs on either side of the large, second-hand wrought iron table bought from the army and drank chilled beer in large glass mugs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

A Primal Quality - Translation

My translation of the acclaimed writer Appadurai Muttulingam's short story A Primal Quality has been accepted for publication and is out now in Impspired, a UK-based magazine. A print version of the same story will be placed in its next print edition.
Thanks to the editor Steve Cawte for considering this piece and Appadurai Muttulingam ayya for granting me permission to translate the story.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dilemma - Translation - in Defunct Magazine

My translation of the celebrated Tamil writer A, Muthulingam's story Dilemma has been accepted and out now in Defunct magazine.
From 2010 to 2013 Defunct published eight issues of flash essays about defunct things out of Iowa City, Iowa, run by the students in the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. The journal went on hiatus for eight years, and is now out of Brooklyn, run by the students in Long Island University’s MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Program. 
Defunct is a celebration of what is over, & what isn’t yet. We’re mourning. We’re functioning. Let’s show the world what we want & need through what we’ve lost.

Swaing, Flowing - Short story in Spillwords Press

My story "Swaying, Flowing" has been accepted and is now out in Spillwords Press. Thank you Spillwords and Dagmara. It's a 28-minute read, folks!

Gautam remained silent, hesitant as to whether the words he would utter might reveal his uncertainty about the place he’d arrived. “How many days have you been practicing?” said the man opposite him.
“For two years… Only intermittent practices. Sometimes, there was even a break of three months. But in spite of my regular stints at the practice, I wasn’t able to enjoy its benefits.”
“What do you expect as benefits?”
“I certainly didn’t get into meditation expecting supernatural powers. I’ve got no desire in attaining them. My mind refuses to be under control. It wanders restlessly all the time. Holding its tail, I too am wandering behind it. I hoped I could focus my mind through meditation.”

Continue reading in Spillwords Press: Swaying, Flowing - A short story

Karma - Short Story in Impspired magazine

My story "Karma" has been accepted and out now in the Impspired magazine. This is my third straight story in English. Thank you editor Steve Cawte for considering this piece.
Impspired is a UK based print and online magazine. Their online issues come out monthly and the print version is released every two months. A print version of this story will appear in their issue 9.

Peter felt that there was something amiss in his lawnmower. Initially, it kept struggling for every ten feet and now it was difficult even to push the machine. He turned it upside down and thoroughly inspected the bottom but couldn’t find anything fishy. The clippings stuck on the bottom effused a sweet, sharp smell. He especially liked the fragrance of the fresh-cut grass, one of the reasons for his being perfectly regular at this task.  But at that moment, lawn mowing was proving to be highly arduous.